Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One sheet to the wind

I think that maybe I should have closed the windows a bit last night: the poor Kiddo ended up in bed with me because she was so chilly. It would help if she would sleep with a blanket, but still.

She also needs to start wearing mittens when we go outside. Big standoff in the middle of Ninth Street today because she refused to wear her hat and I refused to move until it stayed on her head. I won, but not without a scene. There's nothing quite like pushing a stroller down the sidewalk with the kid in it screaming, "Owie, owie, owie!" because her hands are cold. I don't care so much what people think of us, but the terrible glares I get make me start wondering if she really is getting frostbite while we're walking a whole five blocks (in forty-degree weather).

So here's a quick shot of my work in progress. Maybe this is how the whole trend for those cute flag buntings got started? Someone was strip quilting and used the strip as a party decoration before cutting it apart?

I've had several false starts to this quilt back. It may become a quilt front, after all the work that's gone into it; it's actually taken more time than the tablecloth-turned-quilt-front that started the project in the first place. The first shade of muslin that I used (actually an old sheet in a very pale natural color) was too pale, and the difference between the white and the cream in the housetop blocks was nearly indistinguishable. Now we have a darker shade of natural and a very long way to go before the back/front/whatever is completely assembled. I guess that's ok. But I'll need to find another way to use up the old sheet. It's in terrific condition aside from the fact that I've now chopped it into several pieces.

Hmm. Maybe I should use it to make some of those cute flag buntings.


  1. What is it with toddlers and blankets and hats and mittens? I have found that our best bet is things that are practically irremovable- Bunny sleeps in woolen leggings and a shirt, has hats that tie on, and mittens that have a short cord that goes through the arms of her jacket. Good luck! :)

  2. I feel for you. I think there's no winning in that situation because some people will be irked that your child is crying. Some will be irked that you didn't put gloves on. Ignore them all and do as you see fit -- unless it's a case of chocolate-covered hands grabbing at a stanger's pile of alpaca yarn. Seriously, good luck!

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    oops - your kid could get frostbite, you know. Happened to my niece. After her getting her way once to often her hands now swell up and get very red whenever they are a tiny bit cold. Good luck from the amateur

  4. It's tough isn't it? Bundling kids up for the winter. Another option might be a really cute pieced and quilted muff. On the using sheets for quilting, might make it harder to quilt later. Sheets are really tight. And forget about ever hand quilting as many a thrifty housewife discovered when using one as a quilt back.

  5. As mother to a 22 year old who still won't wear gloves, I can confirm that it's not easy insisting that they do anything they don't want to do. All I can suggest is that you continue to try and wish you more success than I had!
    (said 22 year old is fine, has graduated from Cambridge University with an excellent degree and holds down a very responsible job in the UK parliament in spite of the fact that he never did wear a pair of mittens. If you are going to have an argument over something, there are possibly more vital things to be forceful about)