Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Feeling blue-green

Really, I should be thinking about making our annual birthday card. But instead, I'm getting all excited about making Valentines with the Kiddo, particularly since Papier Valise has all sorts of amazing old trims and trinkets to be used. I've been trying to find vintage office labels, and there they were! I can hardly wait. (Oh, and those adorable bird cut-outs? What about the ceramic numbers? Can't believe I missed out on them.)

Standing in line at Starbucks yesterday ($5 gift card + one hour to myself + January Vogue magazine = happy me), I noticed these snappy little paper labels. They're meant to wrap around a gift card, I think. Love the pink and white stripe inside, and that olive green shade is quickly becoming a small obsession. It reminds me of a color swatch we had when I was working at Ralph Lauren several years ago. It was cut from a garment of some sort, but the green was such an incredible, rich shade of blue-toned olive. We needed more, more, more of that little swatch. There just wasn't enough of it to go around. Wish a still had a little piece of it. I'd pin it to the bulletin board so I could see it every time I sat down at the computer. I think our cards will need to incorporate a bit of olive someplace. Just so I can move on to another obsession.


  1. oh i love those red oval lables....

    and how you talk about the coveted swatch [and olive]... olive is good.....

  2. The red labels are so cute. The first time I saw it they seem like candies.

  3. Those wrappers would look great around a cookie, too.