Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Craving color

I love color, but I don't always want to live with it. For some reason I seem to be attracted to the neutral palettes in home design/decor magazines.

Lately, however, I find myself craving a little color around here. Maybe just because it's the middle of February, but actually I suppose most decor can benefit from a little added color. I've always felt that our apartment could use a more color but didn't know how I wanted to add it. Aside from my love affair with green, which shows up in a few small spots, most of the color in our living room is found in our art collection:

While I was reading Julie and Julia a few weeks ago it suddenly struck me that the colors in the book cover would be a great addition for us.

I started with the two felt fabrics in the upper lefthand corner, but the colors quickly became more vibrant. The two felts in the upper righthand corner insisted on coming along. And then I discovered the turquoise leather and the printed cottons in my stash, and suddenly we have a color story. I guess I'd better get busy sewing.

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  1. You are so very organized! You have such a stylish taste in everything I can see in the pics!