Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The "guys"

Esperanza Mayobre, The Hygenist, 2004This is another favorite corner in our apartment. It's the central hallway between the living room, bedroom and bathroom, and we comissioned an artist to do this installation for us. Todd refers to the piece as the "guys" because the baby is fascinated by them. When she was younger, she could be crying inconsolably, but if we took her to "visit the guys" in the hallway she would instantly stop crying and start smiling, sometimes even talking to them. She still loves them and tries to pull them off the wall so she can play with them.

This photo shows just one corner of the hallway, but the rest of the hall contains more guys. It's funny to watch people's reactions when they see this piece: they either love it or hate it. It's intentionally a bit disturbing: the walls are painted a stark, clinical white, and the guys are meant to recsemble mold spores or something viral taking over the space. Unfortunately, the pieces have discolored over time and will need to be redone when we move - we think it was a pigment problem, but we don't want the artist to spend time remaking them until we've found a larger apartment where we will stay longer. After all, I'm almost out of corners to show you now that you've seen two - there aren't very many more in our tiny apartment!

The artist, Esperanze Mayobre, also made the baby's birth announcements, which I mentioned here and which you can see in the background here.

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  1. Wow! To me they look like *very many wasp's nests*, which I would find very disturbing to find in my hallway... Still, they're intriguing. I can see why a baby would like to look at them!

  2. i love them! are your eyes drawn to them everytime you go by or did your get used to them and they don't surprise you anymore?

  3. I am toally in love with the installation! WOW