Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What to do, what to do...

Well, here is the agenda for this afternoon. No, not preparing our Thanksgiving dinner which, by the way, is so not Martha this year; Bebe and I have both been ill for the past week or so, and I'm not keen on any significant time in the kitchen. It's a simple baked chicken, stuffing from the box, and canned gravy this year. Ok, I'll bake a couple of pies and make the cranberries from scratch, but don't expect anything fancy from the bird and its buddies!

Back on subject. Todd and I can't agree whether we should put the baby in the tantamounter. But I think we've reached a compromise. If you look back to my very first post ever, you can see a red light in the background. That was Bebe's birth announcement. We commissioned it from Esperanza Mayobre, a wonderful artist who has also become a good friend. We sent out 75 of these guys, complete with artist's certificate and even an extra bulb. They're made of a resin intended for casting - I love it when artists push a medium beyond its intended use.

Anyway, we're going to put the light in the tantamounter. What do you think will come back with it? I'll let you know!

Followup: I'm very sorry to tell you that the light didn't go into the Tantamounter. I wasn't aware that the Times ran an article about the show in today's paper, and the gallery was mobbed as a result. We waited for a while and got to see several items emerge from the machine, but nap time does not wait very patiently, even for art. We were forced to leave when we were fifth or sixth in line. As someone near us said, the show is as much about the performance aspect of the wait as it is about the art. So our light was not "tantamounted," but we enjoyed the experience nontheless. Oh, and apparently someone has sent a child through the machine, but she's not talking (see the article).

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