Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Polka Dot cosmetic case

Do you ever just get to a point in a project where you can't quite find a solution to a problem so the project sits and waits while you're paralyzed? That was the case here. I was in a hurry when I designed this little cosmetic bag and didn't really consider how to handle the zipper. So when I sat down to assemble the bag I realized that I should have designed it differently and had to fiddle with it to make the zipper lay flat. It turned out fine, but it's one of those projects I'm glad to not think about any more.

You can't see it in the photographs, but the zipper pull has a blue ultrasuede polka dot attached to it.

The fabric is silk burlap (I love the dichotomy of the silk with the rough appearance of the weave) and the polka dots are satin stitched in two shades of blue and a beige that coordinates with the fabric. The lining and the polka dot zipper pull are the same shade of blue as the darker embroidery color. I used a heavy-duty interfacing material someone gave me: apparently it's commonly used in the industry, and I love it because it's really supple while also keeping its shape well. Too bad I don't know where to get more of it, because it's perfect for projects like this!


  1. all my projects are like that! have to just move on. it looks great and I love the embroidered polka dots!

  2. luv the pouch! i recently decided to put my fears aside and do some pouches with zippers. i can relate to your frustrations...lol. how did you get the ends of your zipper like that (i am really not sure how to describe it...pulled and sewn perhaps?)

    it just doesn't seem like i sew all the way up to the zipper.

    hmmm...maybe one day i'll figure it out.

    again, great pouch :)

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