Wednesday, October 26, 2005

LaMode buttons

My Grandma and Grandpa made and sent these a few years ago. They're buttons made by slicing a black walnut and polishing the slices. Grandma said it was quite a messy business: the casings of the walnut are a chore to remove. Aren't they great buttons?

J & E are Grandma and Grandpa's first initials. I think the packaging is priceless; I can't bear to use the buttons because the cards are so terrific.

And then a few weeks later Grandma cut out this ad from a JoAnn Fabrics circular and sent it with her comments:


  1. How amazing they are!! I agree, don't know if I could use them either.

  2. Those buttons are FANTASTIC!! As great as they are on the cards, you must use them on something so everyone can enjoy them.

  3. those buttons are amazing!