Thursday, October 20, 2005

Goodies and not-so-goodies

Look at all the fun things I found while shopping at the trim stores yesterday! The buttons are vintage, and some of them will be used for earrings while the others will probably become embellishment on a cute crocheted hat I found at Anthropologie last week. And I couldn't resist the egg cup. No idea what I'll do with it; maybe it will just sit on the desk and hold paperclips for the time being.

I also bought some terrific ribbons as embellishment for the aprons (oh, look! I was a stressed-out wreck when I wrote that post too!), which are coming along nicely. I won't bother to show them yet; they can wait to be photographed once they're finished.

AND I bought three books! More on those later.

On the not-so-goodies stressed-out wreck side, we are suffering some serious sleep deprivation over here. Little has discovered separation anxiety, and the waking and screaming keep getting worse and worse. This is when I miss Todd the most (he travels during the week and makes it home during the weekends), and when I am simultaneously glad that he isn't here to suffer through it with me. Ooh, our poor neighbors who swear they don't hear the screaming - it sounds like the poor baby is going to blow the walls off our apartment, she's so loud!

Fortunately we are going to the pediatrician today for Bebe's flu shot. The shot won't be fun for either of us, but at least I can talk to the pediatrician about getting expert help with the sleep problem. I don't know if I can continue this way much longer. Such a happy, sweet-tempered baby; how can the nights be so painful for both of us?

On a more light-hearted note, we walked by Rockefeller Center yesterday, and the skating rink is being prepared for a (televised?) opening celebration happening today. I snapped a quick photo in passing. You can see all the lights being set up on the right side of the picture.

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