Monday, September 12, 2005

No photos today

But the good news is that Bebe slept her best EVER last night! I could hardly believe it - just when I thought it was as bad as I could stand it, she woke only twice last night! AND we went out for dinner tonight; no McDonalds takeout!!!

We did a little sightseeing and shopping today, but we didn't see anything that hasn't been photographed many, many times before (Gaudi, Gaudi, Gaudi). We also tried to purchase a cell phone but got tired of waiting, so I still don't have a phone. I'm thinking this might be just fine, but we'll try again tomorrow. And we successfully navigated the metro system with a stroller and no espagnol, so we did pretty well, I think.

Tomorrow I'm thinking maybe the beach and a seaside walk will be enough excitement for us. We've been looking for a playground that has baby swings with no success to date. But Little loves watching all the school children in our neighborhood, so maybe that's excitement enough. We spent a little time this evening watching a group of kids skip rope, and bebe could hardly contain herself; screaming with excitement, you'd think she was going to join in!

We kept her entertained at dinner by letting her drink out of our water glasses; she'd never had water with gas before and thought it was really great - after she was done making faces from the fizz. And as always, she charmed the waitstaff and flirted with everyone in the restaurant. We're beginning to wonder whose child this is: they aren't our genes!

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