Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another 2 days

Yesterday we spent a good deal of time walking through the old city – I can’t wait to go back! Parts of Barcelona are built on ancient Roman walls, and there are so many terrific narrow streets to explore. Some areas of the old city have been adopted by the fashion folk, with funky little boutiques and stores along the way, so I’m looking forward to exploring the neighborhood and the shops some more.

Today we spent an hour or so at the beach, but Little is still having a tough time adjusting to the time change and wasn’t willing to nap before we went, so she was a little grumpy on the sand. She did finally fall asleep and Todd and I took turns swimming in the ocean while she napped.

Would you like to hear about Burger King and Pizza Hut in Barcelona? We’ve been trying to go out to eat, since there is so much wonderful food in this city. But every night our plans are ruined by a 2 foot 2 inch dictator of schedules. I swear we’re going to get her onto some sort a predictable schedule so we can eat some real food!

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