Wednesday, June 20, 2012

catching up

It would be completely impossible to catch up on all that's happened in the lengthy gap between posts lately, but here are a few things I'm loving these days:

S's back-of-the bike video from the Five Borough Bike Tour. She and Todd had a great time, as can be witnessed here. Now they're planning a five borough bike tour of their own, with the express purpose of visiting a carousel in each borough. Should be fun!

We launched our latest baby, Straight Stitch Society, a couple of months ago. If you haven't heard about it, check out our silly manifesto. And I gave it a proper introduction over at the Oliver + S blog if you want to read more.

I've been using Ziplist for mealplanning for a few weeks now and really like it. I've only been cooking from Martha Stewart recipes, and we've been consistently pleased with the results. Even Tsia has been happy, and that's saying something when the world's pickiest eater tells you she wants more.

Ok, I swear I won't let things languish quite so long between posts. Especially since it's summer now!


  1. I'm intrigued by the bike seat; what kind is it?

  2. Oh, it's such a great seat! It's the Bobike Junior, which you can find at our favorite bike shop:

    We just love it and use it every single day.

  3. Oh how fun! Please tell S. I have the same helmet :)