Monday, June 20, 2011

improvisational patchwork

I had such a great time at Denyse Schmidt's Improvisational Patchwork workshop last Saturday, I meant to take photos of her gorgeous studio. Instead, we got so busy making our blocks and discussing them and what we learned from the process that I forgot to use my camera. So I returned home mostly with photos of the quilt blocks we made.

If you get a chance to take the class, it's a great experience and very worthwhile. I'm still contemplating ways that I can incorporate some of what I learned into my own work.

Thanks for inviting me, Denyse!


  1. The blocks look amazing! Denyse had invited me to last Saturday's workshop but I couldn't make it. Wish I could've made it though!

  2. Improv is the only kind of quilting I do! I love it, and have found many ways to incorporate design without having to plan. I would LOVE to go to one of her workshops. How lucky are you!