Monday, March 14, 2011

just looking

Images that are inspiring me right now:

Irving Penn's Nurse, London, 1951: We've been reading the Mary Poppins books, and this photo reminds me of her starched, crackling aprons. This woman looks so feminine and elegant in her uniform.

Cecil Beaton's portrait of Gloria Guinness, circa 1970: Looks so refined, and her voluminous caftan emphasized her long neck.

Anything drawn or painted by Maira Kalman. Her show at The Jewish Museum is amazing.


  1. I love the nurse picture!

  2. Teresa10:24 AM

    I love Maira Kalman!

    When I had my first child, nearly 22 years ago, a friend gave us a copy of Stay Up Late. I loved the illustrations.

    For Christmas I got The Pursuit of Happiness. I really want to do a Kaiman-esque embroidery piece with a favorite quote!

    Unfortunately I live in Duluth, MN so I am not going to be able to make her current exhibit. I did order the book though!