Tuesday, August 03, 2010

sewing kit

This Friday I'm leaving town to guest teach at two consecutive weekend sewing workshops in Vermont with Heather Ross. We had so much fun last year, and this year we've got lots of great plans for the groups who will be joining us.

Since this is the first of several upcoming sewing-related engagements for me, I finally took a little time to put together a proper sewing kit. My tools usually live in an old candy tin at the studio, but it doesn't travel very well. So Tsia and I picked up this cardboard suitcase at Paper Presentation a couple of weeks ago. (If you're looking to purchase one on-line, Paper Source carries a nice selection, too.) I cut a piece of mat board to fit inside the cover, wrapped it with one of the fabrics from City Weekend (shipping in September--soon!) and added some colored elastic to hold little tools inside the cover.

I also made a lining for it so the tools wouldn't bang around inside the case--which is exactly what drives me crazy about the candy tin (besides the fact that the tin doesn't latch shut, so that doesn't really help, either). I cut pieces of wool felt to fit the interior shape, stitched them together with a tiny zigzag stitch, and glued the top edge to the inside of the box.

I've got a few sewing projects of my own to take along, but mostly I'm looking forward to helping other people with their sewing. And it will be nice to just hanging out by the pond or the lake when we're not sewing.

We're going to take some vacation time between the scheduled sewing adventures. Heather's husband, Todd, and Tsia will be driving up to join us for some swimming, resting, and a little camping. Some sketchbooks and a copy of Penny Vincenzi's No Angel are coming along, too. And Tsia can't stop talking about how we're going to visit our friends Ben and Jerry. Should be fun!

Tsia is so excited, she drew this announcement for Todd yesterday. She's sounding out the words to spell them, and we're receiving very thorough packing lists on a regular basis. Amazingly, they're quite legible, too. In case you can't tell, this one says "5 more days until we go to Vermont. Me and you and TC."

This morning she spelled waffle ROFL. That one was a bit more difficult to decipher.


  1. i love your box. have fun with heather..xx

  2. that's such a cool idea!!! I carry my hand sewing supplies in a box like that, but I'd never thought to actually make it into a little sewing box. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. ChristineB6:06 AM

    Awwwwww...my daughter is at the same stage, writing-wise. I usually chuck much of her art (otherwise we would drown in her 'projects'), but her writing? It's very hard for me to part with any of that.

    And I adore the tricked-out suitcase!

  4. Have a wonderful time in Vermont as well as a great vacation.

  5. I wanted to post Tsia's drawing on my blog the minute that Todd scanned and sent it over! I love that they all seem to be riding on the roof. And check out those long stemmed flowers so beautifully placed, its a repeating pattern background!

  6. Love the box! What a great idea.

    Not sure what part of VT you are in, but if you are near Manchester in the southern part of the state you should stop by the Southern VT Art and Craft Festival! I work for the company producing it and we have a lot of amazing artists coming, should be great.

    Enjoy your VT time wherever you are, looks to be a lovely weekend!

  7. You sewing kit box is such a great idea and so well done. Your fabric as the backing looks like it was meant to be!

  8. I'm going to start teaching my 6 year old girl to sew and this would be so cute to make for her to use! Are you teaching Tsia to sew? I was wondering if you had any experiences on the subject :)

  9. I think this would make a great gift for someone going away to college!

  10. Awesome idea, the box looks great!