Sunday, January 10, 2010

handmade #1

Handmade gifts for Tsia's teacher and grandparents: felt glasses cases from Kata Golda's book, Hand-Stitched Felt. These are fun and fast to make. Unfortunately, the ones we mailed to my parents (the two on the far left) were lost in the mail, darned post office. They have a terrible track record with me, no matter how I insure or track my packages. We'll have to make more cases to replace them.

I used wool felt and a few pieces of overdyed felt from Weeks Dye Works for the cases themselves, and the embellishments are from felted sweaters and wool felt. Stitched with Valdani embroidery thread because I like thicker thread for sewing on felt.


  1. Cute!! I love the embroidery. And the felt would be nice and soft to protect the glasses from scratches. Super cute idea.

  2. Teresa9:07 AM

    Oh my goodness...these are adorable! I think my cheater glasses need a new home! Bad, bad post office...shame on them!

    What a great way to get my inspiration going in this new year...along with the jumprope dress for my little peanut...can't wait to get into that!

    Many blessings to you and your family in 2010!

  3. these are super cute! My big kids at school have to use a USB stick for a couple of classes -- I'm picturing a much smaller version with perhaps a ribbon so they could wear it around their neck.

  4. That is just so sad about the lost-in-the-mail bit..... :( No amount of postal buttering-up could have prevented that one, I'm afraid. On the hopeful? upside, I once had a package show up two months after it was mailed - mailed Priority.

    Aren't you glad you took a picture!

  5. Adorable! I loooove the bluebird one.