Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the way home

Tsia and I were at the studio last Saturday afternoon doing a little painting and finishing a project or two, and on the way back home she wanted the camera (and not the little one--my big black Nikon which is a big as her head). So here is our little documentary of the trip home. Her photos, my annotations:

We walk past a high school on our way to the subway, which is funny to me because on Saturday mornings we can watch the football or baseball team practice. This must be the only place in New York to see such a thing, so it makes me feel like I'm back in the midwest.

There are no garbage cans near the high school. Which reminds me that I want to call the city about that. I love that a call to 311 gets us city services of all sorts!

Almost to the subway.

It looks like we're on a really steep incline here. We're not, but I think the angle is rather amusing as a result.

The train conductor held the trains for us, and then a nice man gave us his seat. I love Brooklyn!

Busy train. Saturday evening and everyone is going into the city. Tsia got some very amused looks with her SLR camera in hand.

On the walk home. What is that unusal coat up ahead?

Those are buttons! At first I thought maybe she was one of the pearly kings and queens, but they aren't pearl buttons.

Tsia was excited because we saw two cone-headed dogs on our way home. This event led to much commentary by the photographer.

Nearly there.

Here's our building.

When we want to tease Todd, we call him from our video intercom. This is good for lots of amusing tricks, like when Bear rings the intercom by himself.

Which floor?

And here we are. Hurray! Dinner is almost ready!


  1. First off, I love her angle- literally. As a grown-up I forget their shorter eye level. Second, the city looks amazing. I can't even imagine what it must be like to live in such a place.

  2. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I love her short person perspective. No wonder everything seems so much bigger when you're a kid!

  3. Anonymous1:56 AM

    I love Tsia's photo tour! These are great photos, and I agree with Karen, the city looks amazing.

  4. I love brooklyn.


  5. Love the striped socks almost as much as the camera angles.

  6. I totally loved this! Your daughter is going to end up a photographer. Her angles are lovely, your commentaries are wonderful.

    Those shoes? Whose are those? Yours? Hers? A train traveler? Adorable with those socks!

    Oh, and your kitchen cabinetry looks just about like ours, only ours are yellow. Gotta love those chrome handles, eh?

  7. Oh what a lovely idea, the height makes for such a different view on life. I love that she took a moment to photograph her own shoe.

  8. Great tour of NYC-Tsia! One day I will get back there!

  9. Thanks for bringing us home with you via photos. I loved seeing it from Tsia's perspective. I keep thinking how great it is that she has a head start on creative thinking...
    Makes me miss NYC - good thing I'm coming to visit soon!

  10. I loved walking home with you via your little photo-journal! Especially the pictures of her shoes and that she loved the cone-head dogs. :)


  11. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Your daughter is going to end up a very good photographer!
    I love these photos.

  12. I love the light in picture #3. It's somewhat reassuring to know that there still are no leaves to the south of me. Thanks for sharing your walk and greetings to stuytown and the rest of the city.

  13. Cute, Cute, cute socks and shoes!!!