Tuesday, February 03, 2009

new to me

One of the items we included in our family Christmas packages this year were these clever printable calendars from Little Brown Pen. I love the shape of them: you print onto stardard letter-sized cardstock and then cut the pages in half lengthwise to make two months from each page. I punched a small hole near the top, threaded a ribbon through the hole, and off they went. Lots of fun for a tiny price.

Well, Little Brown Pen, I just learned, also has a really sweet blog. Nichole, the author, lives in Paris (oooooooh, jealous) and takes great photos. She also offers some free printable items on the right side of her blog.

Turns out, her husband does the illustrations for their wonderful products and Nichole write the copy. Love that.

I'm currently admiring their Valentines. It's difficult to decide which I like best.

P.S. All photos belong Little Brown Pen.


  1. I love littlebrownpen! Their PDF downloads are such a great idea. I love their calendars and stationery. Their blog is fun to follow too, with their adventures living in Paris. So glad to see others love their work too!

  2. I purchased from littlebrownpen before Christmas to make a lot of my gifts. I also purchased some of their stationary sets to take care of any gifts I need to give during the year. Love them!

  3. Pretty! I love my calendar, thank you. Did I tell you I'm taking a screen printing/letter press class? Super excited!

  4. Thank you for the link! It's funny that Little Reds are popping up all over! This one is very cute!