Monday, December 15, 2008


I like the simplicity of brown paper with red ribbon or baker's twine for Christmas gifts. We've been wrapping in this style for a few years now. The other day I gave Tsia some white colored pencils and she's been going to town, drawing her own Lee Bontecou's on the paper before we wrap. (Her inspiration, not mine. I just thought the white pencil would look nice on the brown paper.)

So the post on Design Sponge about Trader Joe's bags as gift tags caught my attention, and we had to try that ourselves. I thought it tied back to Tsia's drawings and enhances our new wrapping media: recycled brown tissue sewing patterns (no, they're not Oliver + S patterns. We use a different paper for ours).

Now to get these packages into the mail!

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  1. I'm a brown paper and red grosgrain ribbon girl, myself. And this year I got big alphabet stamps and stamped the names on the gifts. I love how it turned out--but my fingers are full of black ink that won't come off! Thank I'll try the white pencil idea next year too!