Sunday, December 21, 2008

walnut boats sailing away

We have winners! I used a random number generator this time, which meant no cutting up of little paper slips for a drawing. So, winners, email me your address and we'll sail these ships to you.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a wonderful holiday.

#32 said...
I like floatilla. Armada sounds like they might take me hostage, lol. Although, if they take me hostage to your house, it doesn't sound so bad! =) I love these so much! I'll be linking.

#12 Chelsea said...
I love these! When I was little we made little walnut mangers in Primary with those tiny plastic babies (we swaddled them in paper towels then - we were probably 6!) around Christmas time as we were told the story of the Nativity. While I still love those, I think the boats are really cute and I might just have to make some!

But wait! If you send me one, I'll save SO much time!

#66 Sandra said...
Totally sweet ornament.

#51 Carol Rose Parker said...
Oh, you've made my day! I used to be a ballet-enchanted little girl, but because I was chubby (as were the 2 other little girls who rode with me to ballet class), we didn't get any encouragement from the teacher. I love the little boats -- we used to make such things when I was little (in the 1950s), though we filled the shells with melted candle wax instead of hot glue, and we didn't bother to paint them. Yours are so much sweeter. Here's an idea -- what if you wrote little special messages on the sails and banners (made out of plain paper?) It's not as "re-cycle" as using book pages, but a neat idea for personalizing them.

Thanks for your inspiration!


  1. Congrats winners!

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  3. Hooray! Thank you so much, Liesl.

    I'll email you my address right now.

    *edited for spelling :)

  4. Waahh!!
    Beautiful blog !
    Happy 2009!