Monday, September 15, 2008

the return of book week

It's a busy week (which week isn't, these days?), but so many great books have landed themselves on my doorstep recently that it's time for another book week. The goal is to present you one craft book per day. Probably not much description due to lack of time, but the photos should speak for themselves to a large degree. I'm telling you, amazing and inspirational stuff!

Zakka is a Japanese word for something that you make with your hands. It's generally a craft or something you sew. It's a great word that I want to incorporate more into my daily speech.

You are probably familiar with some of the beautiful Japanese craft books that have been published? Many of us spend a lot of money for those books, since they offer lots of ideas and give us (very spare, perfectly edited) eye candy.

Well, Zakka Sewing consists of projects from the authors of those Japanese books, but the instructions are written in English. Hurray!

Eat your heart out. The projects themselves are adorable. First one on my list is a little fabric box for coralling some of my paraphrenalia like lip balm and erasers that end up littering my desk.

But that wallet in the bottom photo is really killing me, too. Click on any photo to enlarge it so you can see a little more detail. But the rest of the book is just as good as these chapter openers. You should see for yourself.


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  2. That wallet looks irresistable! Where do we buy these books?