Monday, September 29, 2008

nifty on-line things

I embarrass myself sometimes. For example, I already told you about the new issue of Small Magazine, but it wasn't until this weekend when I took a little more time to look closely at it that I noticed the spread on bento boxes. Sorry I didn't point you to them sooner. Great, aren't they?

We're still going strong with our bento lunches over here, and I'm starting to look for a double-decker model like a few of the ones shown in the spread. That Love an Apple box is so cute!

Ok, so random links I've been saving up to show you:

I love this site: you type in your zip code and it tells you whether you should bring your umbrella along for the day.

These file tabs are nearly killing me with cuteness. Anyone know where to find them? I'm going to keep watching for them in NY, and I'll let you know if I locate any.

And I can't wait to show this site to Tsia. Ever wonder what a cow sounds like in Japan? Now you know.

Ok, back to work. I'll be back in a day or two.


  1. Liesl! Those page tabs are so cute; I can't stand it. I bought some page tabs that are sort of similar at the gift shop next door to EATS on Madison in the low 80's. They were Japanese and little dog faces but they might have had others too. I bought the little dog faces for a friend who is in the middle of a huge writing project and has a new pup.

    The stock there varies and is often all jumbled up but they do seem to be carrying several lines of Japanese paper goods. Happy Hunting. -- Amy (from your Purl sewing classes)

  2. Cute bentos! I think we sell that red one in our shop if you want one....

    Speaking of cute, I just ran across this blog:
    Maybe you've already seen it but I love the dollhouses made of gourds.