Thursday, June 26, 2008

Al fresco in Manhattan

Outdoor space is a luxury in Manhattan. Any apartment with a little terrace sells for a big premium over another apartment of the same size. And although we occasionally joke about cantilevering a terrace (or an extra bedroom, perhaps?) off our living room wall, we don't have one.

We do, however, have lots of thick green lawns in our apartment complex. With concerts and outdoor movies and things in the summer. It's pretty great. So we have lots of picnics when the weather is nice.

And then there's the East River, which is our luxury.

You wouldn't expect to find much along the river, but sandwiched between the FDR highway and the narrow waterway is the most beautifully maintained, privately funded little park. It's part of an tremendous effort to make the edges of the island accessible to the public.

This particular little river-side park is our secret treasure, with tables right along-side the water. I love the views of Brooklyn waterfront, still a little seedy-looking with its watertowers and warehouses along an under-appreciated waterfront as the sun drops over the Hudson River on the other side of town and sets it glowing.

We tend to forget that we live on an island sometimes, and it's nice to be reminded as we listen to the waves crash over the pilings and watch the water-taxis dash past. Many people take advantage of the biking and walking paths around the perimeter of the island, and it's great to see other people enjoying the waterfront as well.

We admire the variety of plants along the waterfront, and occasionally we'll see someone catch a fish as well.

Of course, Tsia just likes an excuse to eat standing up.

And to smear fresh cherries all over her little face.


  1. It's so beautiful there. For those of us with country homes, I do envy the community and socialization of the city life. Especially with views like that!

  2. Beautiful. It certainly shows the lovelier side of New York. Thanks!

  3. It is beautiful. As much as I have always considered cities ugly, I have always found them beautiful when I stay long enough to find the good spots! As soon as I find a spot like that in a city I fall in love and never want to leave.

  4. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Very pretty view. We don't have much of a view here. Just other peoples private balconies and the boat shop across the way.

  5. Tsia is just beautiful. And what a lovely little spot!

  6. What great pictures. Its a portrait of a wonderful day.

  7. As great as the pictures are, the best one was the last. She is not only cute but very confident-looking. Great post.

  8. What a happy little one... and such a pretty summer moment. Do I spy Abe Lincoln in one of those pictures?!

  9. What a lovely glimpse into your life & surroundings!