Monday, April 21, 2008


Did I leave you hanging? The suspense was unintentional; it's just been so busy over here with all our preparations for Quilt Market and the fall collection. In all the bustle I left you sitting there wondering what happened to me! Sorry. Here are a few updates:

Thank you for the Saturday Market Bag pattern info. Yes, it's now posted Jodi's blog as well as on Ravelry (which, if you're a knitter in any way, shape or form, you should absolutely sign up for--it looks great. And the waiting list moves very quickly, so don't let that dissuade you). Knit away! My alterations to the original pattern (results above) are still located here.

And speaking of knitting, my two little cardigans are being knitted up by one lovely Leila. Thanks for all the help, everyone!

Regarding our little flood situation, the studio is cleaned up and back in working condition again. But the patterns are now located on higher ground (i.e., in Tsia's bedroom at our apartment) while we find time to look for a new space. I love my studio because it's just two blocks from our apartment, but the same pipe has now sprayed boiling hot water on two separate locations. And we can't have leaks near paper patterns, can we? Not to mention the fact that the water is coming from above, not from the floor, so there's no easy way to protect the space from future leaks. I'm hoping to find a new space in the neighborhood sometime in the next few months, but certainly not before we leave for Market. Ah, the joys of Manhattan real estate.

In the meantime, our apartment complex is busy with some spring planting and landscaping, and the root balls of these 20-plus-foot-high trees are reminding me of knitting or macrame or weaving. Aren't they lovely? I wonder who has the job of making creating all those woven support systems for the roots of our new neighbors. The grounds will almost certainly be spectacular when all is planted, based solely on the number of plants outside awaiting their new homes.


  1. Well since you wondered, as a kid I would tie the tree roots up like that (12-13 years old). My parents had a whole sale nursery in south jersey and that was one of my jobs, because I was good at it! I suppose I am crafty and creative in any job I do. Some of our customers didn;t want the wire baskets you can use to keep the dirt from crumbling away, so I started using twine. :) Good luck finding a new studio! And if you need some sewing help for you fall patterns, let me know!

  2. How very interesting; those root balls. I had something else completely different in mind than root balls. I absolutely love your patterns and have recommended them twice today alone! I am so glad all is going well, and can hardly wait to see the fall collection!

  3. I'm so glad that your goodies were saved from the flood. Finding a new place sounds like a wise idea!

    I'm open to helping with sewing as well, if needed. :) Just sayin'. :)

    Also just announced some exciting news on the blog, so if you have a moment stop on by :)


  4. Oh boy, I'm glad your patterns survived. Yikes. Good luck on your hunt for a new place.
    Oh and the package arrived today safe and sound. I'll get cracking!