Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Still here

Whoops! Sorry about that; the fall collection was calling for some serious attention. It's still calling, but I'm just not listening for a few minutes.

So I missed the opportunity to wish you a happy Poisson d'Avril, but I hope you had a good one all the same.

Since it's been consistently cloudy over here lately, I offer you some overcast shots from an after-church walk last Sunday, when we wandered around (and shivered) looking for any little bit of spring to brighten our day. I love the West Village; lots of architectural detail and pretty little window box gardens. It's a far cry from our more run-down, gritty East Village neighborhood, which also has it's charms. But not many well-groomed window boxes.

I'm declaring the rest of the week Book Week here at Disdressed; so many good things to show you!


  1. I'm in the middle of drafting patterns for a new collection at the moment too, and boy, is it time consuming. But drafting patterns for people to buy is a whole extra level of perfection that's required. I admire your range, packaging, everything. It's all really lovely.

  2. You're makin me miss NY. Grew up on the comparitively boring upper east side, love your pics of the west village.

    Hope to see you at market.

  3. Love the tights and the tulips!

  4. I LOVE that photo with the little striped legs and the striped umbrella and the careful stepping. Adorable!

  5. Alas, there are no window boxes here in Canada yet. But to even see pictures of them gives me hope that spring will make it here eventually.