Sunday, February 10, 2008

Recent finds

Has anyone made one of these? I was just thinking the other day what a shame it is that you can't find printed fabrics like these anymore, and then this turned up on a foray to equilter. So I obviously just don't get out much. Isn't it great? Just kitchy enough to be really cute and fun. I remember my mom making Christmas ornaments or dolls or something for us with pre-printed fabrics, and she embellished them with buttons and ric-rac and stuff. A while ago one of the women at my Bible study was telling me about a company that used to make fabric for children's clothing with the pattern printed right on it. I can't remember the name of the company, but it sounds like fun.

Other things I'm enjoying:

The Human calendar (via the Uppercase blog-another recent find I'm really enjoying).

Free downloadable song by Nada Surf. Does everyone already know all this new music and I'm way behind? I'm so glad my younger sisters send me the occasional mix CD or I'd be totally unfamiliar with any new music aside from what I hear on public radio.

Ok, back soon!


  1. Daisy Kingdom used to have pre-printed panels for little girl's dresses similar to this apron. They also had pillows and other things. I remember when I was a kid that my mom would buy some of the pre-printed doll panels of Holly Hobbie.

  2. Nada Surf has actually been around since the nineties, though they do have a new album out. So new tunes, but they're not really a new band.

    Great site!

  3. I love that pre-printed apron from equilter.Thanks for posting

  4. Thanks for blogging about the human calendar, it great, I'm off to add it to my igoogle homepage right now!

  5. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I made one of those for my sister. You can do a search for Amy's Aprons or Apron panel on ebay. It came out really cute. You can see it here:

  6. I saw those apron pannels just today at Hancock Fabrics. I picked one up by accident in their remnant bin, I thought it was just some funky fabric. I'm thinking I'll make it for my MIL for Christmas this year.