Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm all about lists these days, on everything from the literal back of an envelope to the inside of an empty box of tea (the recycling basket was empty): whatever I can put my hands on. So here's one of my lists, just to put a few blog housekeeping items aside:

1. If you've written my an email recently and haven't received a reply, I apologize! Never fear: I haven't forgotten you and will write as soon as I am able.

2. That chair. Here's an earlier post about it and some additional information: vintage 1970's Costco (no relation to the discount/volume/whatever-it-is store).

3. Your queries regarding attaching the doll quilts to the wall: I use tiny nails, working them through the corners of the quilt just inside the binding very gently before nailing them to the wall. But watch your fingers when pounding!

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  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Oh, Liesl, what a wonderful book that is in the photograph. I loved it and the incredible imagery it evoked. I hope you liked it, too.

    I hope your pattern business efforts are going well. Happy New Year.

    jennifer in KS