Thursday, December 06, 2007

Testing. Testing.

UPDATE: Whoa, what a response! I think we're all set with testers, so thank you very much for your overwhelming response! I will try to reply to everyone with a confirmation or a nay, first come first served. Thank you, everyone! If this goes smoothly maybe we can make it a regular thing, and that way everyone will have an opportunity to test a pattern or two somewhere down the road.

Well, I wasn't planning to do this, but I think it's worth a try. It's truly a test:

I have fourteen draft copies of the Oliver + S patterns available for testing.

Here are the terms:

1. Test patterns are available in size 3-6 months and size 5 only. I'll try to accommodate specific requests within those parameters, but if you agree to test a pattern please accept whatever pattern and size is available.

2. Testers must live inside the U.S. (due to time constraints; sorry)

3. Garment must be finished and tester's questionnaire returned to me within two weeks of receipt. I'll send everything via Priority Mail just as quickly as I can, but please take the holidays into account if you're going to be busy or travelling! (Most patterns don't take that long to complete, but please allow yourself enough time to finish within the two week deadline.)

4. You don't need to send me the finished garment, but I would appreciate getting a few photos of it when you're finished, especially if you can find someone who actually wears that size so we can see how the size grading looks on a variety of little bodies.

5. In order to be a tester, you should be at least an Advanced Beginning seamstress (I hate that word, but "sewer" looks so, I don't know, sewage related...). I define Advanced Beginner as someone who as sewn from a pattern before or has taken a few classes and/or has completed several projects.

6. Testers must be detail oriented. You must be willing to take some time to finish the garment, complete the three-page testing questionnaire and, hopefully, track down someone to wear the finished garment and/or take some photos of that garment.

And since those are some pretty heavy requirements, here's what I offer in return:

1. You'll get to be among the first people to make an Oliver + S pattern! And I'll listen to everything you have to say, good or bad, about them. Consider yourself one of my closest advisers, if you like.

2. You get to keep the draft pattern and the finished garment.

3. You get to pick two printed patterns from the collection, which I'll send when they arrive in February.

4. And I'll even throw in a little fabric, just for fun. Who knows what it will be, but I'll try to make it something interesting.

Ready? Email me if you fit all of the requirements and are ready to go: I'll post again when all the patterns are gone.

And thank you! It will be interesting to see how this little test works out for all of us.


  1. Anonymous10:55 PM

    prety awesome!!!

  2. That's too bad about the living in the states part! I'd love to test a pattern and make something beautiful for my baby girl! Can't wait to see some pics!
    Love from Canada,

  3. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I'd love to be a tester! I've sewn all of my life and even received a special award in high school (kind of a dorky thing to admit to in some crowds - hopefully not this one!) I have a 3 year old daughter and lots of friends with kids of various ages and genders. So I'm sure I can find a model among them!



  4. Anita, send me your address at the email I gave in my post and I'll get one out to you tomorrow morning.

    And Carrie, sorry about the U.S. thing. Not sure how much longer it takes to get to Canada, but let's try for next time when the schedule isn't so tight.


  5. Anonymous4:16 AM

    I think your patterns are really cool. As a patterncutter I'd have loved to try them out so let me know if you ever need testers in the U.K!

  6. I occasionally wish I lived in the US. This is one of those times. Boo hoo. Hope the testers do you proud!

  7. That's really cute. I love sewing tiny clothes for friends' babies. So sad I can't be part of your test panel. But if one day you need testers worldwide, I'll be there ;o)

  8. Just sent you an email. All of your designs look so nice I think it will be fun.

  9. i'd love to test one of the patterns. u.s. resident with an abundance of sewing time.

    heidi wallace

  10. I'm going to email. This would be a good way for me to start making some girl clothes for the baby in the tummy due in February esp. since she will be the 3-6 month size in the summer

  11. I sent an email... such cute patterns! I think the only time that my daughter will give me peace to sew is if she thinks that it is for her so this is perfect.

  12. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Sounds like a fun opportunity!

    Mary @ Confessions of a Craft Addict

  13. I also sent an e-mail. I'm really excited about testing for you!

  14. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I know I'm late, but if you still need testers, I'd love to join in. Any size/gender - whatever is leftover.

  15. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Not sure if I'm too late, but I just emailed about being a tester. Would love to opportunity!

  16. Thank you, everyone! If you've received a confirmation from me your package is in the mail. Otherwise, I'll catch you next time.

  17. Anonymous10:59 PM

    please put me on the list for future needs...i've got 3 littles and sew for them tons, well late nightish, but you know what i mean! and i am in the usa.

  18. Oh! I wish I had a sewing room!

    My sewing is limited because it means setting up in the living room until I'm done... (the advantage is... it aids in getting it done fast!!)

    I'd like to be a tester when the opportunity arises.
    My auntie obligations (otherwise known as guinea pigs) are to:
    Girls - 31 mos, 7 mos, 7 weeks
    Boys - 33 mos, 24 mos, 12 mos and 2 mos.

    I've sewn since high school (and a little before - I made Barbie a lot of tube dresses when I was little!) and I had a great teacher who taught me well enough to rip off your food bag/ diaper pouch idea without the aid of a pattern!!

    Kudos to you! The patterns and design asthetics are lovely!

  19. These are beautiful and well presented. I really like the third one in the photo- the dress with the cute flair. Nice work!