Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sort of crazy

Joelle's book has been burning a metaphorical hole in my sewing kit. I mean, so many fabulous projects! I finally had to give in and make something, anything, and this pincushion fit the requirements: small, quick, and so cute!

I justified the time spent making it (in my own mind, anyway) because I was able to follow a Photoshop tutorial for creating the Polaroid-style image at the top of this post using one of my photographs. Fun, hmm? I actually learned quite a bit about Photoshop while doing it; I'd never used textures or shadows before, so now I have a general idea how to fiddle with them in the future.

But now I'd better get down to business again. Although I think those coasters are calling my name quite loudly. Oh, and the birds?

But what about that (Sort of) Crazy Quilt? That's been driving me really crazy since I saw the initial layouts for the book, long before it was published. Not only is it gorgeous, but the instructions for it are PERFECT: exactly what I've been looking for with regard to instructions for a free-style quilt. No pattern pieces, just intuitive directions (including a paper bag--love it!) to make your own version.

There's absolutely no time in my schedule right now for making it, but I'd have to be completely crazy not to do it.


  1. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Love the guilt! could you please give the title of the book? thank you, irina

  2. Anonymous5:59 AM

    sorry for my first post. i should have read your post first before asking silly question about the book title :)

  3. I have never quilted, is this a good beginner's book. I have an extra bedroom and it really needs a quilt.


  4. I am in love with that quilt!

  5. I love this book too. I haven't made the pincushion yet but after your GORGEOUS pictures I'm going to try...seriously, those pics are beautiful!!

  6. Thanks for the photoshop tutorial link. I'm going to try it - makes a good picture look so nice!

    No time over here either. Sigh - maybe a mini quilt, but a full-sized quilt - maybe when I'm a grandma. :o)

    Take care.

  7. gorgeous photos :^)

  8. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I made the coasters and they turned out really well. I'm thinking I'll make quite a few for gifts.

  9. that quilt is amazing! i love it!

  10. I am obsessed with this book too! So far, I've made the pincushion (liked it so much its now on my blog banner), the coasters and the ric rac edged napkins. And I have 5 little elephants cut out waiting to be sewn up for various kids in my life (including my own!) Your pincushion and coaster turned out wonderfully!

  11. The pin cushion? add a pop tart wrapper and a jingle bell inside, great pet/toddler toy! Likely catnip for kitty would go over well, that's next!
    Beautiful stuff!