Saturday, August 04, 2007

Postcards from Michigan: the junior edition

We've just enjoyed a week with Todd, and now we're headed into the wilds for a week. My family has rented a cottage far from any internet service, so we're going to stock up on groceries and gas and buckle up for the winding dirt driveway. After that, we're going home! I hope our cat still remembers us.

In the meantime, a certain toddler has developed a strong interest in photography (can't imagine where she got that). Several times this past week I wished I had a second camera so I could show you this kid: big black SLR slung around her neck, outside stalking her next subject. The results have been rather surprising!


  1. i love seeing photos from a childs perspective. this little one has an especially sharp eye for interesting things...

    have fun on your internet-less jaunt.

  2. cindy1:19 AM

    i'm jealous! my eldest is showing a spark for photography as well. he sure didn't get it from me!

  3. amazing photos for a little person. more amazing ... that you are relaxed enough to let her use your slr. you're a great mom.

  4. Enjoy the time away. :)

  5. Laurel3:39 PM

    we're looking forward to your return!

  6. Your photos are so clean and simple. You have a unique "look" to your work, which is rare, and beautiful.