Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In case you're wondering

The backpack pattern is indeed being reprinted! This time we're using a full-service printer so I won't get carpal tunnel syndrome from all the cutting, folding, trimming, peeling, sticking, stitching, etc. involved in assembling the patterns. Hurrah! We'll also be doing a much larger print run, since obviously the first two print runs didn't fill demand. Stay tuned and I'll let you know as soon as the patterns are available.

Other than that, we're gearing up for a family weekend: all three of us in one place at the same time, with three whole days together. Nothing special planned so far, but I'm sure we'll find something to keep ourselves busy. Have a terrific holiday weekend, and here comes fall!


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Do you think you'll be teaching a backpack class? I'm moving to Brooklyn tomorrow (!) and I'm so excited to finally go to Purl!

  2. Yay you! I missed buying one the first two times around. Maybe this next time I'll get my chance!

  3. love the green buttons! I have lots of white ones with the same 5 sided octagon :-)