Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We need some Happy today

I was just kidding about the quilt. Sort of. Yesterday I started selecting fabrics for another doll-sized Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, so apparently I quickly got over the amount of work involved in making the first one. In fact, I pulled together some of the scraps and templates from the last one and will happily send them along to someone else who wants to give it a try. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pop them into the mail. Just don't call me whining when you discover how long it takes you; I already know. (And don't say I didn't warn you, either!)

Here is the inspiration for the next one. I just love it, and it's a great excuse to do a little cross stitching again. It's been years.

Here are a few other things I love right now:

Sew Stylish magazine, published by Taunton (the same people who publish my beloved Threads magazine). It's loaded with terrific articles for everyone from beginners to expert level sewers. This is their very first issue, and I'm still amazed at how much good information they included. I especially like the article about sewing handbags, which offers lots of great tips for working with leather. For example, they suggest that you cover leather with Glad Press'n Seal before you sew because it helps the presser foot to move smoothly over the leather, tears off easily afterwards, and doesn't leave a sticky residue. And check out their blog as well.

This copy of the amazing smocked Bottega Veneta dress. Here's where having a dress form comes in really handy; imagine pinning and fitting all those pleats on yourself (or a friend)!

The new issue of Blueprint magazine, featuring Joelle (co-owner of Purl and Purl Patchwork) and her apartment. I haven't seen it yet, but I'll be heading out to find a copy tonight once the kiddo is in bed. Can't wait! (Don't worry; Todd is home to watch Ms. Tsia while I'm out.)

Pandora. Type in a favorite song and hear other similar music. Then rate the music you hear and Pandora will customize your very own virtual radio station. But watch out: you can spend a lot of time playing with this site.

And speaking of playing, these games are adorable and fun. Blast it, Courtney and Dorie, it's not like I needed other ways to spend my time.

Ok, gotta go. Just remember:

"It's not rock and roll if your pants don't hurt."
-- Jimmy Webb, "Anything Pink Rocks," The New Yorker, March 26, 2007


  1. casapinka11:00 PM

    HA! My kiddos are in bed as well and I'm going to sneak out to find the new Blueprint and In Style Home!

  2. If someone else hasn't already claimed them (and you don't mind sending them to Canada) I'd love to give the Grandma's quilt a try. My pitfalls to so many crafty endeavours is the cutting out and co-ordinating! A friend just made a doll bed for my daughter too and its screaming for a wee quilt!

  3. thanks for the link to the gal with the inspired smocked dress, wowie. you know all the good links...

  4. Maitreya2:10 AM

    I'd also love to play with some of your scraps. The quilt is super pretty.

  5. Oh, can't wait for the new issue of Blueprint to hit our shores. I bought my first last month and think it's great. And I haven't said that about a magazine for ages.

  6. Anonymous10:27 AM

    i loved that new yorker article! that guy sounds like so much fun. (but then again, i don't want bruises from my clothes, so maybe i won't be shopping there...)

  7. Shoo. I'm too late to claim the Grandma's quilt. I would have loved to try. Oh well.

    I also will be hitting the newstands for the new Blueprint.

  8. I've got that issue of SewStylish and I think it's superb! i got it at a newsagent and it cost me $15 but it was well worth it! (I'm from australia) :)

  9. Hrm, does Blueprint come out sooner in NYC? There's no new issue update on their website and I haven't seen it in the grocery yet. I heart Blueprint magazine.

  10. thanks for all the inspiration in this post! that smocking took my breath away. feeling the creative batteries recharging...