Friday, March 09, 2007

Whatever it takes

I think this may go down in the books as the Endless Week. No idea why, but it feels like it's been at least a month since last Friday. I keep sitting down with the intention of blogging and just can't put words together coherently. Must try going to bed at a reasonable hour sometime.

I'm so glad you like the bags! I promise to show you my Timtex trick soon, maybe next week. In the meantime, thanks for all your comments and requests, and I'll give the bag patterns some thought.

I realized the other day that it's March, which means that all winter knitting should really be wrapping up if it's to be worn yet. So in a mad rush, my Hourglass Sweater (started last winter, mind you) is finally off the needles and awaiting finishing and blocking. And I wore my newly finished hat yesterday while running errands.

This must be almost the fastest and simplest hat you could possibly knit, since it's just a tube that's sewn together at the top, with a pom-pom added to each corner. Initially I wanted to make a pointy hat a la the Meathead (I bought the pattern and am saving it for next year), but all of a sudden this shape seemed more appropriate.

And, hey! Something must have been right about it, because the cashier at the wine store asked me for identification when I dropped in. I can't remember the last time that happened. I took her request as a compliment: my hat must make me look younger!

Oh, but maybe she asked me because I look a bit silly? After all, I would question the sanity of anyone I saw standing on the sidewalk, trying to take a decent photo of her head. I certainly got some interesting looks, believe me. I'd be particularly wary of her if she was taking those photos while wearing an orange hat with pom-pom ears. And were any of those resulting photos presentable? I'll let you decide.


  1. I'm a new visitor here - found you through Make It's weekely blog dump. I'm loving what I see and read... I'm off to scan your archives. Thanks for your great posts.

  2. too funny! i have great vision of you standing outside the Wine Store with your hand in the air snapping pictures of yourself in a pompom-laden orange hat. toooo funny!

  3. cute hat! isn't it hard to get a good photo of yourself? i'm rarely successful at that.

  4. i love the photo assortment... the new hat is really cute! and too funny to think about you in the street trying to photograph it :)