Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things that make me happy

I'm feeling a bit like a girl running in circles over here during the past few days. I guess I'm trying to do too many things in not very much time and not accomplishing much of anything as a result. But rather than whine, here are a few things to keep you occupied until I pull myself together a bit:

*Thanks to several of you who commented, I have now officially switched my book log to Library Thing. Funny, I had signed up for it earlier and couldn't remember what it was called. Now I won't forget! Follow along with me if you like.

*I had to watch this video several times, I think it's so fascinating: how to fold a t-shirt (in Japanese). It seems almost like magic origami, the way they do it. It looks like so much fun, maybe now I'll stop folding everything in half and start folding like a pro.

*The Sartorialist for Cookie magazine. Scott and I traded email regarding dressing while working as a stay-at-home parent, so I've been looking forward to this launch for a little while. I'm hoping mostly for inspiration for myself, and maybe a little for Tsia as well.

*Celebrating the second birthday of my Tsia. Can it really be today already?

Will be back soon. My old boss used to say, "Come tomorrow. It'll be fun!"

And it was.


  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    As the Dutch do: Congratulations on your daughter's second b-day! I can't believe it's been two years already! Wow!!! And I love the t-shirt folding video. And I just spent too many minutes trying to do something with bibliophile which I will now stop and join you instead... All my best, liesl! Love, us!

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Happy Birthday, Tsia! She really looks like a little girl now ..... not a baby anymore.

  3. Tsia is so adorable...happy birthday to her!
    my middle child will be turning 4 this sat. and I am amazed as well how quickly time goes.

  4. Anonymous8:35 PM

    thanks for all the links and happy birthday to you and the little one!

  5. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Oh, Happy Birthday to sweet Tsia! Two is such a wonderful, fun, and magical age. Well, I guess they all are. ;)
    (and I'm adoring that tshirt folding video. I want to do that too!)

  6. Happy Birthday Tsia!

  7. happy birthday tsia!

  8. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Happy 2nd b-day! I saw that shirt folding video and boing boing had a link to making a cardboard folder that looks a bit like the Flip and Fold ones. The Flip and Fold (as seen on TeeVee) one is the best 9 dollars I ever spent. My kids love to help me fold with it and it turned somthing that was a bit of a chore into fun. The drawers stay nice too.

  9. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I love that Japanese video about folding the t-shirt. I have to try that one out. It looks to be a lot quicker than the way I do it (sorta GAP-like but sans clipboard). And the junior fashion set is very cute. It'd be nice to see more kids dressed this way. Most of the little ones that I know are stuck in this princess-pink-can't-wait-to-be-a-grownup look. Don't they know that they're only children for such a short time?

  10. that video just blew my mind. and of course, happy birthday to your little peanut : )