Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007: hurray!

So happy new year! I'm still around despite all appearances to the contrary with my little inadvertent blog break there. It was great to have Todd around for a week and a half, and his parents came for a short visit over Christmas. We seemed to keep so busy and, simulaneously, relaxed that I couldn't bring myself to sit down at the computer for any length of time.

A few things I've been enjoying lately:

*The soft trees pattern from Little Birds. Once I started making them I just couldn't stop myself. In fact, I've given many of them away and still have this little forest residing in the living room. I think we'll keep it up for a while yet since I got such a late start on them.

*Planning this year's list of books to read, which will include most of Fresh Air's list of best fiction from 2006.

*Beating Todd at Scrabble. By one point.

*Working on an indoor winter wonderland, if you can call it that. Thus far it consists of one button wreath, a lot of snowflakes (cut from vellum and an old paperback copy of Madame Bovary, of all things), the soft trees forest, and another project that started out as an idea for a tablecloth has somehow become a quilt instead. Photos to come. Hopefully soon.

*An especially enjoyable day out with the Kiddo and Todd last Saturday. Our agenda: we took the train to Grand Central to see the model trains at the MTA store (the Kiddo LOVES trains). Then we viewed the Brice Marden show at MoMA (the Kiddo spent the entire visit making interesting drawings in her sketchbook that seemed inspired by the art) and afterwards had lunch at the Oyster Bar back at Grand Central again (The Kiddo loves smoked salmon. Todd and I love oysters. We are all happy.). Somehow it was just a perfect and memorable day spent together.

*The Stuyvesant Town Christmas tree, which was installed and decorated by the same folks who do the tree at Rockefeller Center every year. Very pretty and impressive.

*Pie. I planned to make two and somehow ended up with four instead. Am starting the year on a wee diet, as a matter of fact.

*The French costume drama Vatel. How did I miss this when it was released in 2000? The costumes alone are stunning, and who can resist anything written by Tom Stoppard?

I hope your holidays were wonderful. Here's to 2007!


  1. happy new year !!

    your holday looks and sounds fabulous! [i think the brice marden show is headed out west... i can't wait...]

  2. love love love the trees. so snuggly and somehow soothing!

  3. Happy new year! May it be creative and cozy!

  4. the winter wonderland is so sweet... i really like the soft trees forest!

  5. Really like your version of button wreath, not at all seasonal, just pleasant to have around to look at. Invest now in a book shelf for all those kid sketch books. You will be amazed at fast you will have many many of them.

  6. the button wreath looks great & i love the tree's....arent they fun!

    dont forget to get yours on the flickr group if you havent already!

  7. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I just discovered your blog last night, and I read into the wee hours, catching up on all the delicious projects and commentary from the archives. You have such a classy but fresh style...keep up the great work! Thanks for keeping the rest of us inspired--


  8. come to chicago and go to "knitflix" with me!

  9. happy new year!and i love your trees!!

  10. Dacia3:36 PM

    love your trees. they look so cute lined up like that. wishing you and yours the happiest of years.

  11. realmarce8:28 AM

    Lindisimo. Felices fiestas