Monday, October 23, 2006

Celebrities and such

It felt good to be back on a normal schedule again today. Todd returned to work (he took vacation time to watch the kiddo last week - how lucky am I to be married to a man who destroys kitchen tools but doesn't damage a toddler?), and we spent the day catching up with housework, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Not exactly exciting, but I'm happy to be back on my feet, doing normal things again.

Yesterday afternoon I needed a fabric fix and a chance to escape the apartment, so Kiddo and I ran down to Purl for a few minutes. On the way home we saw Parker Posey and walked past a movie shoot setting up in Washington Square Park. I don't think the movie and Ms. Posey had anything to do with each other on this occasion, but isn't it great how you can make these sightings on a random day in NYC? (Todd says that his best random day ever was several years ago when he walked through the middle of a riot in our neighborhood--the police were unloading their tank from a flatbed truck when he passed; yes, the NYPD has a tank and it's painted just like a police car --and two blocks from the riot he walked through the middle of a movie shoot.) Todd and I passed Willem Dafoe on the sidewalk a few months ago, and Todd spotted Michael Imperioli walking through the East Village the other day. Usually I'm the type who could run smack into a celebrity and not recognize them (like the time some friends had to identify Robert De Niro when we passed him in Tribeca), but every once in a while I'm up-to-date enough with movies and celebrities that I manage to catch on.

The part that I like most about random celebrity sightings is that no one seems to take notice. Everyone just carries on with life as usual--except for when I was working for George Soros and JFK Jr. was a client; every time he came into the office the entire office found some silly excuse to visit the reception area. And then there was Donatella Versace stepping out of the elevator at Bergdorf's with a bodyguard at each shoulder. Couldn't very well miss her, could you? Oh, and remind me to tell you the story of me, Todd, Matthew Broderick, and Sarah Jessica Parker back in the early 90's before they were married.... I guess celebrities aren't always treated like average people after all.

Anyway, speaking of yesterday's trip to Purl, this cosmetic bag is project #2 for the sewing class. The sample turned out well, didn't it? I like how the orange topstitching and lining contrast with the bright blue fabric. And again, this project could easily be embellished in any number of ways and given as a holiday gift. I think I'm going to enjoy teaching this class!


  1. I am wishing that I was close enough to take your class! I can muddle through projects like you are teaching, but I always think there must be a simpler, more direct way!

  2. I want to be able to take one of your classes too! I really wish there was a cool fabric place around here, but everything is pretty much standard box stores.

    I can't wait to see your other projects!

  3. Been here ten months, and our sighting are: Josh Hartnett, Kirsten Dunst [twice], Kevin Spacey, Roger Federer, Woody Allen [on a movie set], and Robin Williams [on a movie set].

  4. So cute. Umm, I don't see your class on the list at Purl yet...

  5. Anonymous1:32 PM

    on line classes perhaps? living in la la land we encounter similar celebrrty sightings. always kind of funny to me... strangely "normal"!

  6. The nine months I lived in NYC I saw Willem Dafoe three times and then saw him again when I was there for only a weekend a few years later. I probably should have introduced myself, but maybe that's stalker behavior.

    I love orange and blue together. Speaking of great NYC memories and favorite color combinations, have you ever eaten at L'Orange Bleue?

  7. amyksmith10:41 PM

    I called Purl and signed up for your classes -- round 2, in December. Can't wait.

    My favorite recent celebrity siting up here on the upper west side was when my Newfie managed to smush (with excessive love) Isabella Rosellini's puppy. I had no idea it was she until someone told me afterwards. But, I did think to myself that she was the most beautiful of the early-morning, no make-up dog walkers in the park.

  8. I don't live in NYC, but b/c I'm an American abroad and invited to fun "American-only" events, I can say I've shaken hands with two Presidents, a Crown Prince and a Dutch Prime Minister. Membership certainly has it's privileges!! Love your blog, Liesl (& wished I lived closer so I, too, could attend your class!)!