Saturday, August 12, 2006

How I spent my summer vacation

We're back from vacation a little later than planned. We were having such a nice time, and then Todd caught West Nile Virus (I'm not kidding) and we decided to stay an extra week so he could recover and so we could avoid the worst part of the heat wave. I wouldn't mind spending every summer hanging out at a lake, especially when it's 100 degrees in NYC!

So here's what we did while we were away:


tried new recipes (and ate too much)

made new friends


looked at art

gardened (or at least watered the flowers)

and, of course, made things.

We had lots of fun, and it's good to be home. It's time to break out the sewing machine and get busy again!


  1. Oh oh those little toes!! SO gorgeous!

  2. Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your hubby's illness. Lovely photographs!

  3. Welcome back - we've missed you.

  4. looking forward to seeing what you will make!

  5. hi! welcome home!

    so sorry to hear about the west nile incident... but looks like your vacation was good overall :)

  6. Stephanie10:19 AM

    Oh, I am so glad you are back! You have been dearly missed.

  7. welcome back!

    i absolutely love that shot of the garden-watering. so perfect.

    yeah, that heat wave was not fun. but much much better now, thankfully!

  8. I hope he feels better now, WNV sucks.
    You look like you had a good vacation though, inspite of WNV

  9. welcome back!!! we was waiting for you!!!

    nice pictures, your babe is so sweet!!! sorry about your husband...:S

  10. Betsy7:55 AM

    Welcome Back!

  11. oh i hope your husband is feeling better! so glad you were able to beat the heat, and those photos of that sweet girl almost hurt they are so cute...

  12. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your husband's illness I hope he is well on the road to recovery now. Looks like a certain little person had a fantastic holiday though.

  13. welcome back! can I convince you to come east now and visit in LI? we have a beach here too! =)

    Let me know - our guest room is ready!

    Hope T is feeling better.

  14. You are all so sweet - thank you!

  15. Is this Grand Rapids? We live in GR now and just moved back here after a year of living in Brooklyn under Prospect Park. We were a family of 8 living in a 2 bd 1 bath apartment. 5 daughters under 15yrs. We miss NY but are thankful to be back home. Love reading your blog- like a visit back to NY.

  16. Ding, ding ding! You win a prize! We spent most of our vacation in Cadillac, but Todd grew up in GR, and we both went to school at Calvin. You must have recognized the Calder sculpture.