Thursday, June 29, 2006


Never mind the heat and humidity outside, I am very happy today because I have a lovely pair of lacey socks to decorate my feet while I put them up for a while. Ok, my feet aren't really up, but the socks are really finished.

I think that probably I could have finished my sweater in the same amount of time it took to make the socks. Really! They took a long time. And although I enjoyed the project, I think maybe I'll take a break from making any more socks for a while, partially because I want to finish the Hourglass Sweater and knit the Kiddo's cardigan, but also because I can't believe how long it took to knit these socks. I feel like I've been dragging them around with me for months now, I guess because I have been!

lace pattern
Isn't that a weird angle for a photo? Emily was right about the yarn: it's fantastic. And Anna's pattern was really well-written. I learned a lot making these socks: magic circle (knitting in the round using a long circular needle), knitting lace, and short rows. The short rows weren't much fun, but I'm feeling more comfortable with the whole concept after this project.

And today I started dragging the Kiddo's cardigan around with me. I'm altering a Debbie Bliss pattern for a different gauge and a few design changes, and I'm hoping to finish before, say, October. The good news is that I'm using a size 4 needle instead of the size 0 that my socks were knitted on, and it's a lovely cotton yarn, which should be nice knitting in the summer. Oh, but the cardigan will be mostly stockinette stitch. Oh dear. I do get bored easily when I knit stockinette. I guess that's why I like to sew; the results are so much faster, aren't they?

Did you notice that I had enough leftover Japanese fabric from my skirt to make a pillow? It's a little weird to walk around in a skirt that matches your living room. I'm not sure I like the feeling.


  1. Wow what a lot of work!! Love the pillows!!

  2. i know what you mean - i just made a curtain for my guest bathroom out of this amazing fabric that i love - and want to make a skirt out of, but is that weird? to match your bathroom curtains?

  3. love your socks! I'm putting that pattern on my to-do list. I just did my first short row heal and I'm not that happy with it but just like any new technique I'm sure I'll get better. Your heel looks great!

  4. I think the pillow is great and the skirt is fab. I remembered seeing the print at reprodepot in the japanese and asian fabrcis section ( Thought I would send this along in case your readers were interested in where else they might be able to find it.