Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More tools

Here are a few follow-up details to the tools post:

Suzie has written a nice post about the tools she values and the ones that I missed.

Allison and Linda rightly suggested that a seam ripper should be included in the list.

Several people have asked about the Spectra Paints. I've only been able to find them at Hobby Lobby stores, but according to the website you should be able to find these paints at other retailers as well. When I contacted the company a few months ago I was told they could probably sell the paints to me directly. If you don't live near a Hobby Lobby, you might want to email or call them to ask about this.

It also crossed my mind the other day that I should have added Freezer Paper to the list. It's great for applique, for printing directly onto fabric with an inkjet printer, and for creating stencils for painting on fabric (Amy did this the other day). And I suppose you could use it to wrap and freeze food as well? (I really wouldn't know; I keep freezer paper in the kitchen, but it's only ever been used as a craft tool at our house.) I'm sure I've also missed many other valuable tools. Feel free to add your suggestions, and I'm still hoping to learn about new tools that I should be using as well.


  1. Great photo, and yes, can't believe I left off the seam ripper (what we call a quick unpick). I have never seen freezer paper! Sometimes I feel like we're still in the stone age! :-)

  2. Hey, thanks for the info on freezer paper. I saw Amy's tute last week, but I have never seen freezer paper down under. Now I know what to look for! Mucho Gracias