Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tiny Golden Books

Growing up, these were some of my favorite books. I just found a set for the baby via ebay, and Little latched onto them immediately when they arrived in the mail. She has been carrying one or two books around the apartment at all times. It must be, in part, the size of the books: they're three inches tall and two inches wide, and the kiddo really likes small books.

There are 24 books in the set, and the illustrations are done by Garth Williams, of Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web fame.

I love the covers

(Great handbag!)

and the end papers

and the illustrations inside are so colorful and lovely.

Some of the animals' dresses may inspire a few little girl dresses in real life.

I like the pink and marigold combination that the girl on the tricycle is sporting. And how about that fantastic lime green printed dress with the brilliant red sash?

Each illustration contains so much detail on such a tiny page. I'm excited to re-experience these little books!


  1. Gol, you so scored!!!

  2. Oh I never saw miniature ones before! How wonderful! I love the color saturation in the illustrations of these books...

  3. Very nice blog! I'll keep visiting. Thank's for sharing, and great pillows!!!

  4. oh, i'm so glad you bought those! i used to love reading them when i was sick and camping out in mom and dad's bed. my favorite is the april fool's day one.

  5. I love these books! They do look familiar -- I'm going to have to hunt them down.

  6. oh my, we had these when i was growing up... i snagged them and had them in my possession until about a decade ago when i gave them to my younger sister. thanks for posting about them - made me remember how fun they were to have. sure glad no one thought it silly to have such tiny books for children.

  7. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I have the entire collection, 36 in total, that I've saved since my childhood. My 2 1/2 year old loves them. They are not in the best condition but to be expected since I think I got them originally in the 1960s... and they have a copyright date ofs 1948. Enjoy your find...I'll be keeping mine for years to come. I know the personal value of these books to me but I wonder if they have much monitary value?

  8. I also have the whole set of 36 and wondered how to find out how much they are worth?

  9. I'm a huge fan of the golden book series. My favorite part of them were the illustrations.