Monday, October 17, 2005

Quilt Monday: baby gift

This is a baby quilt made for us by a dear friend who recently moved away. We miss you, Judy!

I love so many things about this quilt. The colors and prints are not typical baby colors, which make it unexpected and fun. The thread used in the quilting is variegated with lots of bright colors, and the quilting pattern is a beautiful swirl that adds so much dimension to the angularity of the patchwork. The patchwork pattern itself is classic, but the fabrics, colors, and quilting make it so unique and contemporary.

Here's some of the text Judy wrote on the back of the quilt:

"Sawtooth Trail Quilt

"Historically, this quilt consists of two blocks - the Sawtooth is a favorite block design used in many quilts since pioneer days. Many variations are possible, including this one, that it still remains a favorite today. Stars denote special occasions like the Fourth of July and New Year's Day, a romantic evening sky or the birth of a special child."

total size approximately 57 inches x 41 inches
a closeup that shows the quilting pattern and thread colors in detail
a closeup of the prints Judy selected

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  1. thanks for stopping by :)
    I looove your magnets, very inspirational and so are the stylee pics you post up (I loved those bedroom pics in mskids too)
    I will pop over often to see what crafty goodness you are up to.