Monday, October 03, 2005

Barcelona style

Ok, so here are the style photos I took while we were in Barcelona, mostly during the circus in the park. Let me just say, first of all, that it's really difficult to take photos of people without a) getting glared at suspiciously, and b) looking and feeling like a freak. I saw so many great outfits that I wasn't able to photograph, either because I didn't have time before they passed by or because I wasn't comfortable photographing them. Maybe if I was better able to speak Spanish I could have asked permission.

So here's my take on Barcelona style: it's so individual and fun! It's also very sporty, colorful, and a little bit gritty. By gritty I mean that people there don't seem so focused on new and bright and shiny as we often are in the U.S.; clothing sometimes looks worn and older - not dirty or torn or anything, but not new either. I grew up mostly in the midwest, and after living in NYC for 14+ years I've noticed that you can always spot the midwestern and southern visitors here because they're wearing new "outfits" with pieces that coordinate and match and look brand new (ok, they're also often wearing shorts and white sneakers, but that's not style - that's misguided comfort). I like Barcelona style because it's not straight from the store; the wearer has assembled the items him/herself from pieces that are old and new.

I saw lots of cargo pants, fun t-shirts (more on t-shirts later - my souvenirs from our trip are two t-shirts that felt very Barcelona-like to me), skirt and dresses over pants, and unusual and sophisiticated color combinations.

I've added comments to the photos: if you hold your mouse over a photo the comments will pop up in a box. I'm not sure my photos really express what I saw, but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway.

we saw lots of colored bottoms: green, orange, etc.

also saw lots of unique bags

what can I say?  very unique

maybe a tourist, but love the purple shoes, the cargo-style pants, the floral top

lots of men with great style

love the pants and the yellow sandals

very laid-back and chic

green pants, orange top, striped shirt around waist

black capri-length tights (these were everywhere) under a funky colorful skirt

camisole over sleeveless tee, and a great bag

pretty colors, great shoes

cargo pants

I wish this photo was clearer - such a pretty, unique outfit

back view

love the all-black with bright green sneakers!

the same outfit from the back

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