Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Summer, at long last. New York schools continue through June, so S's summer break started with the Independence Day weekend and we've been busy cramming a lot of activities into our schedule ever since. We've made silly treats like cupcake cones (S liked these) and strawberry shortcake popsicles (I liked these and didn't feel a bit guilty eating them), had loads of playdates, run some errands , and made packing lists for all the trips we're taking.

We've also trying to slow down to enjoy picnics, the hydrangeas (especially since I only glimpsed the field of roses outside our building as a blur, I was trotting past them so quickly every day), and to play some games.

Ah, summer! Why do you go so quickly?


  1. Wow - I can't believe they stay in school all through June! We start back to school on August 16th. Only 4 more weeks! Too soon for me. Shouldn't be until after Labor Day. At least!

  2. H. has the exact same swimsuit! Summer is going by way too fast. I hope we get a chance to see you before summer's end.