Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We've just finished some renovations to the studio, and I had a chance to show it off yesterday at Pink Chalk. Kathy is featuring all sorts of great sewing spaces on her blog this month, so if you're looking for ideas or want to share off your space you should definitely take a look.

Now that we've been in this space for almost three years, I feel like it's finally come together. We've just been so busy that I hadn't taken the time to do any work on the studio itself. But I'm really happy with it now. We've put linen-covered homosote doors over all the shelving, and the doors are perfect bulletin boards. I love being able to put up everything I'm working on because I can step back and really look and get a good perspective on the scale and colors and ideas as they work together. It's been very helpful to see how new fabric collections play off older groups, to compare and develop color palettes, and to just spread out and play. I actually think those doors are changing the way I work. The leftover pieces became smaller bulletin boards behind the sewing machine counter.

For a while there I had a cute little whitewashed branch suspended from the ceiling, and it was a great place to hang finished garments. That came down when we built the doors, but I'm still hoping to find a place for it. And I didn't get a good photo of the old library card catalog at the entryway. It's great for storing all sorts of odds and ends and just looks fun.

S and I are out in Michigan right now and returning home tomorrow, just in time to pack for a family vacation. I've had a couple of days with my Grandma, and today I think we're headed to the beach. I can't wait!


  1. I just found your blog via Pink Chalk. What a fabulous creative space! :)

  2. Rebecca4:01 PM

    I spy Sara Midda's South of France Sketchbook! Such a beautiful book.

  3. Love the space! Soothing and freeing at the same time.

  4. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Could you share where you found large white table.?thank you
    For sharing your beautiful room with us!