Sunday, August 22, 2010

visual taste buds

Most people go to the New Amsterdam Market for great local and artisanal foods: raw cheese, wild mushrooms, designer ice cream, and unbelievable chocolate. I love all those wonderful items, but Todd and I are in agreement that we're not quite on board the food train. We have a CSA membership and we both love good food, but we're not quite down with the obsession.

So when we joined some friends at the market today, I spent more of my time dodging the downpour and watching what people were wearing than trying the foods. It's a bit dark under the FDR where the market it held, but I managed a few candid photos. New Yorkers have such style!

Once everyone had their fill, we dropped in at Pasanella and Son, across the street, to check out the wine selection. Once again, I wasn't looking at or tasting the wine so much as examining the surroundings. One of the owners is a former editor at Martha Stewart, and it shows.

We brought home a few bottles of fantastic wine. I like them not just because they tasted amazing at the shop, but also because the labels on the bottles are really beautiful.

Are you getting a trend here?


  1. this looks great. i'd love to go to ny ! x

  2. glad i'm not the only one who buys wines based on the label :)

    & i agree @ nyc style, a ride on the subway is better than any catalog or magazine i've ever seen.

  3. Teresa9:06 AM

    I am so happy that I'm not the only person I know who buys wine because I fall in love with the beautiful funny....of course, sometimes that's how I buy jams and jellies and other foodstuffs too, now I think about it!

  4. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I'm a food geek for sure, but I do think a label is important as well, and don't generally buy wines with ugly labels. That bottle going to sit on the table for a while; the label matters.