Monday, June 21, 2010

a steady diet of beach and world cup

We live on an island, just two blocks from the East River. It's easy to forget how close we are to the water when we're so busy. And it's not exactly the beach, let's face it. Which is why, I suppose, everyone in Manhattan seems to escape the city for the beach in the summer.

After living here for almost twenty years, we finally followed suit and joined some friends in Montauk for the weekend. It was our first visit to the eastern part of Long Island. I can't say I've ever been very interested in the Hamptons (it's such a loaded name, I think) and all the hype surrounding them, but now I understand why so many people are willing to brave the traffic and long travel time. With such beautiful beaches, adorable towns, and amazing food, it's worth the extra effort. We climbed the lighthouse, searched for sea shells, built sand castles, and ate lobster. And watched lots of World Cup.

And we left hungry for more. We'll be back, I'm sure.


  1. Oh! Liesl that sounds just divine! My family will be on an island next week for a little vacation. It is a private island we rent every year. Lots of Kayaking, reading, and eating in that order. I can't wait!

  2. I live in Seattle and one of my friends grew up in Montauk. She just shakes her head at how much it has changed in the last 20 years.
    I love to visit New York...but Seattle is heavenly.

  3. Nicola5:26 PM

    I live in Europe and I love your blog and what you tell us about your creative life in New York. I usually never comment. But your remark about the World Cup really made me smile:)