Friday, May 28, 2010

still here

It seems that I'm having trouble juggling two blogs and a bunch of deadlines lately. It's been a little quiet at disdressed, but not for lack of activity elsewhere.

Let's see, here is a partial summary:

  • We launched City Weekend, our first fabric collection, at Quilt Market last weekend. It was fun, and we heard lots of excitement about it from everyone who stopped by the booth. I've been recapping some of the Quilt Market experience over at the Oliver + s blog, if you're interested. Each time we exhibit I learn all sorts of new things, and this time was no exception thanks to the folks at Moda as well as many of our terrific customers.
  • Tsia has been bringing home little sprouted bean plants from school almost every day, it seems, and we've managed to accumulate a miniature garden on our air conditioner. It’s probably illegal to keep plants on a ledge like this, but when they started sprouting tendrils it suddenly occurred to me that they're climbing bean stalks and I'd rather not have them climbing our living room walls. Which begs the question: do bees fly six stories above the ground? Because we've got beans growing, and I'm assuming the little bean-y flowers were somehow fertilized. Wouldn't it be crazy if we could eat beans grown in empty tomato cans on our air conditioner? It gives the term potager an entirely new meaning for me.
  • My laptop, also known as half my identity these days, died a sudden gruesome death twice this month. On both occasions the cause was overheating, which melted the solder that holds the graphics card in place. Apparently I’m just burning things up over here. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by clever guys in the computer store just down the street. I hope the second fix will last.
  • My Mom joined us at Quilt Market and brought home-made chocolate chip cookies, which Todd then declared he hasn’t eaten in years. Guess who will be baking this weekend? Did I simply forget about cookies? Apparently, yes.
  • This weekend we’ll be relaxing with friends, de-cluttering our tiny apartment (I need to do this several times a year or I start to feel like the walls are closing in on us), and doing a little sewing for Tsia. She has suddenly outgrown most of her clothing. I also have a stack of craft books to read: Anna Maria Horner, Sandi Henderson, Kaffe Fassett...
I hope you have a terrific holiday weekend!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that ebay did a little profile of me last week, so now you can learn all about my shopping habits, if you were really curious.


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Beans mostly self-pollinate. Good luck with your city beans!

  2. (Referencing your shopping habits) Too funny / ironic - I've sold many of those Art of Dressmaking Butterick books. They've got some beautiful illustrations/sketches and instructions. I'm going to have to go look through my old sewing book shelves to see it again from a new perspective. :)

  3. Oh good grief - I was signed in under 'Hank' (hubby's ID) but I'm sure you figured that out.

    I wanted to ask you about those ice cream cones! What are those made of?

  4. The ice cream cones are actually bubble wands we found in our neighborhood. Cute, hmm? The bubbles smell like vanilla, too!

  5. The dress is too cute! Hope you have fun making cookies!