Wednesday, March 31, 2010

art day

We had a marathon museum-going trip last Saturday. I wanted to visit the Neue Gallery for inspiration on a project, and Todd needed to prep his tour for the Whitney Biennial so we decided to make an adventure of the day and throw the Metropolitan Museum into the mix as well. All three museums are near each other on the upper east side, so it is actually logical (but still exhausting) to visit them all in one go. We took some photos in case you wanted to come along.

First up: the Metropolitan. We went primarily to see a couple of new shows there, but Tsia took photos of the permanent galleries. Art from the eyes of a five-year-old is always interesting (and a little blurry):

Then a stop for lunch at my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood, Cafe Sabarsky, which just happens to be located in the Neue Gallery building. If you go, the pickled herring sandwich with apple slices is amazing. Really, I should order other things on the menu sometimes, but I just love this one too much.

We sketched while we waited for our orders to arrive. Can you guess what this is?

Well, the chandelier, of course!

The current exhibit, Otto Dix, wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but here are some posters in the basement that caught my eye:

Then on our way down Madison Avenue Tsia had trouble choosing her favorite giant doughnut from the windows at Gagosian. Pink or sprinkles? I think we decided on the sprinkles:

Once we arrived at the Whitney, Tsia and I left Todd to his business and escaped to the fifth floor, where we found one of our favorite pieces by Lee Bontecou. I don't think we're allowed to take photos inside the museum. I always forget to ask but seem to recall being scolded for trying to photograph Todd while he was giving a tour once. And it's too bad, because this photo is really awful and doesn't begin to do the piece justice. Here is a photo of another Bontecou (at MoMA) so you can at least get a sense of her work and the dimension it has. Her work is often simultaneously creepy and enticing, which we all seem to love in our family. Here are Tsia's sketchbook renditions. (The first one was amazing until she started coloring it, but I was proud of myself for not intervening!):

Then home for a rest. Shall we take you to MoMA next time?


  1. what a nice day!

  2. I've been planning a trip to MoMA with my 4 year old, who is on spring break. We've never been to an art museum together, and I'm very excited. Your post is inspiring.

  3. Liesl-

    The last time I was at the Neue, I was very pregnant and remember thinking it was probably my last visit for a while given the "no children under 12" policy - tell me, has that been changed? (Not that I'm ready to explain Otto Dix to my 3-year-old). . .

  4. I love the picture of the doughnuts. I actually had to click and zoom on the picture to determine if it was 'real' or a window display for a donut shop? Not until I clicked the link did I realize it was a piece of art. Amazing detail!

  5. Jennifer, the "no kids under 12" policy is still in effect, unfortunately. Todd and I took turns escaping before and after lunch to do a quick turn of the building, and it's small enough that you can view the exhibits in a short time if you hurry. But the policy really is unfortunate. Tsia wanted to visit Adele and wasn't permitted, although we tried coaching her to say, "But I AM 12!" to the guards. She wasn't playing along, and the guards probably wouldn't have, either.

  6. Hello! I have awarded you the Sunshine Award because I enjoy your following your blog. Please stop by my blog and check it out!

  7. the picture with the doughnuts is SO cute! looks like a wonderful day. I love kid drawings more than anything :)

  8. Wow now thats what I call a donut. Looks like fun!