Thursday, January 21, 2010


My friend Michelle has been doing a lot of letterpress printing for some of her recent art projects, and she clued me in to these fantastic deckle-edge cards by Fabriano. They're inexpensive and support all sorts of media gracefully. Tsia and I have been using them to make our own Thank You cards with watercolor, pen and ink, and whatever else we have on hand. I love the texture and weight of the paper. It feels very luxurious.

I should point out that the cards are a rather unusual size, and it isn't easy to find matching envelopes. Believe me, I tried. I thought I'd find some fun colors to pair them with, but it wasn't meant to be, despite trying our fantastic local paper and envelope supply shop. So the coordinating envelopes are well worth the additional cost. Just keep that in mind...


  1. I've wondered where you find your wonderfully colored envelopes. I keep SweetPea's O+S paper dolls tucked in one of them.

    I've bookmarked that site for a look-through later. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I discovered it about a month ago, and began from your very first post in 2006! I can't put my laptop down!

  3. Paper Source used to carry them (I was an assistant buyer there 15 years ago). Not sure if they still do. It was a very popular wedding choice.

  4. Courtney, Paper Source has great stuff! I didn't know they carried Fabriano too. Will have to go look.

    And Domestic Daisy, thanks! I'm too embarrassed to look back at old posts and sort of try to forget they're still there. Don't remind me, ok? (Glad you're enjoying them, really.)

  5. Laurel5:32 AM

    I love this paper; it was the paper I used for my wedding invitations. And I love how you and Tsia are using it--very creative. :)