Monday, January 11, 2010

handmade #2

For Tsia: A Traveling Art Show case for her sketchbook and pencils. Todd found this free pattern from Mr. Monkeysuit and wanted me to make it for her (and here I didn't even know he reads craft blogs!), so I slapped it together the night before we met Heather at the Met. Take my advice and slow down a bit when you make it: I managed to sew one of the ribbons to ALL the stitched channels that make the individual pencil compartments. Smooth move that gave me lots of time to reflect on my rushed actions, seam ripper in hand.

I used one of Heather Ross's fabrics from Rabbits and Race Cars, since Tsia loves Heather's prints. (Who doesn't?) In fact, the other night when she was waiting for her bedtime story, Tsia casually told me, "I'll just look at this book of Heather's fabrics while I wait for you, Mommy." The kid has saved the Kokka catalog on her bookcase for about a year now since I brought it home from Quilt Market! What does this mean, I wonder...


  1. Love that! I made myself a crochet hook holder recently, but am trying to figure out what to make my daughter. I was thinking a colored pencil holder - but something that would also hold a notebook would hold much more appeal I'm sure!

  2. I've been eying up that travelling art show too... it looks like a good one!

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I would keep a Kokka catalog on my bookcase if I had one. Tsia is awesome!

  4. i think it means it's time for heather to illustrate a kids book.

  5. I.

    Fabric books on her nightstand? That kid is adorable.

    I'm glad you shared this because SweetPea is fast becoming a sketch artist herself - I've been wanting to make a traveling art case for her favorite colors/mediums. Thanks, Liesl... er... uh, I mean, TODD!

  6. Awww,...

    I hope I am one day lucky enough to have a little girl of my own who entertains herself with a fabric catalogue.

    And I love the pairing of those two fabrics: especially since I have some of my own in the stash and can totally copy you!


    Rhea at Alewives

  7. Cute! Is that a BOB book I spy?