Thursday, December 03, 2009

handmade, etc.

Did you see the article in the New York Times last weekend? It turns out that handmade gifts aren't just a little trend among crafters--they're a phenomenon! Of course, you already knew you were on the forefront of this movement, right? Give yourself a little pat on the back, handmade holidays crafters.

Here is a quick list of semi-related items regarding handmade holidays:

1. There are a couple of holiday giveaways happening right now: STC books is doing a handmade holidays giveaway, and it's always fun to read what everyone is making for gifts. Lots of good ideas. Also, BurdaStyle is giving away a whole bunch of good stuff this month. I'm drooling over the colored pencils. Wow.

2. Tsia and I are doing a little handmade holiday crafting of our own. Last week I neglected to show you another book that's related to handmade gifts and to book week. We're doing a project from Kata Golda's Hand-Stitched Felt book, but we can't show you yet because we think some of the recipients might read this. It will have to wait until after Christmas, I'm afraid. We're both enjoying sewing with felt, but Tsia is obsessed with a felted pink sweater she found in my stash, and I'm not sure what she thinks she's going to make from it. I'm a bit fearful.

3. Also related to handmade gifts, I'm finally getting around to listing a few pieces of jewelry from a previous handmade venture. Long before Oliver + S, I had a small business making jewelry that was sold in a boutique bridal shop in our neighborhood. I still have quite a few pieces around and thought maybe I should let some of them go (they're not doing much good stuck in a box at the studio, are they?), so I've listed several pieces on Etsy. But I can't for the life of me remember what the names of these stones are! Can anyone help?

a. I know the grey stones are smoky quartz and freshwater pearls, but are the blue stones aquamarine? Tourmaline?

b. Let's see: peridot, turquoise, smoky quartz, green freshwater pearls, and (again) aquamarine?

c. Grey freshwater pearls, but what are the navy blue stones? No recollection on my part. You'd think I would have a record of this, no?

4. Oh, and one more thing. I'm not even going to try to take photos of this because other people do it so much better than I. So here is a link to images from the windows at Bergdorf's men's shop. The actual figurines and props from The Fanastic Mr. Fox. The detail just kills me. Tiny buttons on the clothing, etc.

photo by Rudy Pospisil


  1. Wow! Brilliant marketing with the Bergdorff windows... one doesn't hardly notice the subliminal backdrop of clothing.

    I would so love those colored pencils. We decided an Art Set is going to be SweetPea's main Christmas gift this year - she is *constantly* sketching and drawing people complete with clothes and detailed accessories. Perhaps a little pattern designer in her future?

  2. The light blue stone looks like apatite to me.

  3. I assume that the pink felted sweater is available to be made into something and not your favorite winter jacket? I have seen some lovely pillows made from felted sweaters. Also, I was recently working with my nephew on a small stuffed animal. Perhaps you could direct Tsia to make a stuffed animal out of it?

    The very round blue beads look like turquoise to me, but it is hard to tell. Good idea to offer those pieces to a new home. I am sure they will be happier on someone's arm. ;-)

  4. the dark blue are iolite and i think the bright blue are has been some time since i handled the semi precious too. beautiful pieces.

  5. my husband and i walked by bergdorf's while visiting a couple of weeks ago and we both just stood and stared for awhile. beautiful.

  6. Beautiful work! Did you knit them in? Love it!!!

  7. In the first bracelet the aqua colored stones look like apatite. In the second the indigo colored stones are most likely iolite. Gorgeous work by the way!

  8. In the first bracelet the aqua colored stones look like apatite. In the second the indigo colored stones are most likely iolite. Gorgeous work by the way!